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Take a look at some of the basics - we have put together all of our most important information for you. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, take a look at our Company Info or Our Policies page(s). If you can't find the answers, please send us an email. 


  • Bringing pets
  • Own risk
  • Registration
  • Preparation

Bringing pets

In case you are travelling with your own transportation, some accommodations allow you to bring your pet. Under details about the accommodation you can find out if this is allowed and what the costs are. Besides that, hardly any of our accommodation providers allow pets in the rooms or apartments. Sunweb charges 13,50 pounds administration fees per application for including your pet as carriage with the flight company. In addition, you need to pay a surcharge to the flight company for your pet. You pay this surcharge at the check in. N.B. You need to have an animal passport when transporting your dog or cat abroad.

Own risk

The transportation of your pet is at your own risk. It is only possible to bring pets older than 3 months. In case there is no passport for the accompanying animals, or if there is no tattoo or electronic identification device, the animal will not be allowed on the flight. For more information about import regulations for a pet you can contact the embassy of your destination country.


Sunweb is obliged to report a pet to the airline company.

The necessary details for the application are:

  • Weight of the animal
  • Size of the kennel (if necessary)
  • Your booking nummer

Checking in

You need to have a passport for accompanying pets. This passport has to contain details about rabies vaccinations and other obligatory details about the health status of the animals. In addition, the passport has to contain sections for clinical research and legalisation. Cats and dogs also have to carry either a clearly legible tattoo or an electronic identification device (transponder).


Tips for bringing pets:

  • Issues like vaccinations and travel documents should be organised well in advance.
  • Attach a label with the name of your pet and, if needed, feeding instructions to the side of the kennel.
  • Do not give your pet anything to drink 4 hours prior to departure.
  • Animals can suffer from flight sickness. So do not feed them within 12 hours prior to departure.
  • Anaesthetizing pets before travelling is strongly advised against. This will cause the animal to adjust slower to its new surroundings and possible cool down during the flight.