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Total financial protection

Have complete confidence that your holiday is fully financially protected

As an online tour operator, we understand just how important financial protection is for your holiday. We let you build and personalise your package holiday to suit your needs. You can choose if you want to fly or drive. Choose which day you prefer to arrive on and for how long you want to stay for. But with Sunweb we will always guarantee two elements of your package holiday:

✔ Your lift pass is always included.

✔ You are financially protected. 

We hold memberships with both ABTA & SGR. Meaning you can fly with confidence knowing you are financially protected by SGR. Or book a self-drive holiday where you can travel safely in the knowledge you are fully protected by ABTA. Furthermore, for complete comfort, we are offering repatriation coverage. In light of a global pandemic, we will assist in your safe return to the UK. Below we have answered your frequently asked questions about your financial protection, who it comes from, and what it protects.


At Sunweb, we want to give you the flexibility to design your holiday. Have your holiday, your way and with financial protection to match. 

Book with confidence

Total financial protection for your package holiday

✔ Self-drive package holidays financially protected by ABTA

✔ Flight package holidays financially protected by SGR

✔ Home safe & sound with our Repatriation Guarantee 

Our Price Guarantee

All Refund Credit Notes are financially protected and we guarantee you can book the same holiday for the same price

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We have answered your questions about our financial protection for your holiday

You're in safe hands. When making your travel arrangements we understand just how important peace of mind is. Financial protection for your holiday can be confusing which is why we are making it simple. We have answered your frequently asked questions about our financial protection. Of course, if you have any further question about your protection please contact us directly. 

Why is Sunweb financially protected by both ABTA & SGR?

We are a member of both ABTA & SGR so we can offer the same level of financial protection to all our package holidays. 

SGR provide the financial protection for our flight packages which can not be covered by ABTA. ABTA provides both financial protection for our self-drive holidays in addition to the assurance we maintain a high standard of service to all our customers whilst adhering their Code of Conduct.

What is ABTA financial protection?

ABTA is a UK travel trade association for tour operators. ABTA's protection means that you are afforded financial protection specifically designed to cover holidays purchased in the UK that don’t include flights. In addition to the financial protection offered by ABTA for self-drive package holidays, as an ABTA member, we are obliged to maintain a high standard of service for all our customers, no matter what type of package holiday they book, by ABTA's Code of Conduct. 

Sunweb is a proud ABTA member and our membership number is Y3497.

What is SGR financial protection?

SGR stands for Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (translated: Travel Compensation and Guarantee Fund). This is the guarantee fund which Sunweb Group has chosen to financially protect its flight package holidays. SGR provides additional financial protection for your flight which can not be covered by ABTA. In the extremely unlikely event in which Sunweb Group would cease trading, you will either have the choice to continue with your holiday as planned or be entitled to a full refund. The best news for you, this protection costs you absolutely nothing. 

Sunweb is an accredited member of SGR and our membership number is 3609.

What is repatriation coverage?

Our repatriation coverage means we will guarantee to get you home to the UK. In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many people had their holidays cancelled. Some, however, were abroad and had to the repatriated safely back to the UK. Therefore in the event of a pandemic outbreak, if you have booked a package holiday which includes flights will we always assist in your safe return home to the UK. Before you travel we will always ensure if it is safe to do so by following our 'holiday checklist'. If your holiday meets our safety criteria you can travel with peace of mind. But if anything changes whilst you are away, we promise to get you home safe and sound.

At this time the cover is not extended to those who have booked a self-drive holiday. We would recommend you include this coverage in your travel insurance. 

Do Sunweb only offer package holidays?

Yes, we only offer package holidays to always guarantee you financial protection.No matter what type of holiday you book with us you can have complete confidence you are totally financially protected. By booking independently through suppliers, instead of a tour operator, you can not guarantee the same level of protection. 

Is Sunweb a tour operator?

We are a tour operator which has been operating for over 25 years. We send over 1 million happy customers on holiday every year. Find your perfect package holiday with total financial protection.