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Every holiday offered through this website applies to both the ABTA conditions as well as the additional conditions of Sunweb for online travel bookings. Click here to read our general Terms and Conditions. 


Sunweb makes every effort to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information on this website. Nevertheless it is possible that some information inaccuracies and / or omissions occur. For obvious errors and input errors Sunweb cannot be held liable.


Sunweb reserves the right, without the consent of the visitor to change prices and packages, and changes to the site if the situation demands. All flight and travel information are subject to change.


This website contains links to other websites. Sunweb is not responsible for and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of (the contents of) these websites or their availability, nor whether the information provided by or through these websites is made available legally. The information on websites of third parties is not part of the information provided by Sunweb to book a trip with Sunweb. The information on websites of third parties is therefore not part of any agreement between buyers and Sunweb.

Electronic communications and evidence

For misunderstanding, delay or improper data resulting from the use of the internet or any other means of communication between the visitor and Sunweb (or between Sunweb and visitors engaged with third parties) Sunweb is not liable, except in cases where there may be gross negligence on the part of Sunweb.

The administration through Sunweb counts as conclusive evidence of the existence, content and implementation of an agreement with the party leader in any legal proceedings. This can be used to prove the existence of an agreement being in place.

Qualification System

Sunweb uses its own classification system. The number of stars indicates the quality you can expect of a certain property. It is not only taking into account the facilities of the accommodation and layout of the rooms and apartments, but also the atmosphere of the complex and the appreciation previous Sunweb guests have shown.


On the website floor plans are realized in collaboration with an external company. On the Sunweb website photographs are provided by the accommodation providers, local tourist offices, different brands and some (professional) photographers. The pictures of the accommodations only serve to give you an idea. Because every apartment or hotel room is not the same, it is possible that the actual property booked differs from the picture. For obvious typographical reasons Sunweb can not be held liable. Sunweb reserves the right without the consent of the customer to change prices and arrangements if the situation demands it. Any errors in a brochure, advertisement or any other publication on the Sunweb website will be restored, so you always have the most current and accurate information available.


Copyright Sunweb. Nothing on the Sunweb website or brochure may be copied, reproduced or published using photocopying, microfilm or by any means without prior written permission of Sunweb.