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Repatriation Guarantee

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We promise to get you home safely

Another advantage of a package holiday with Sunweb; our Repatriation Guarantee

Our highest priority is always your safety. Which is why we want you to be able to travel with complete peace of mind; if you book a flight package holiday with Sunweb, you will automatically be covered by our Repatriation Guarantee.

If the destination has negative travel advice due to terrorism, volcanic eruption, earth quake or similar circumstances while you're travelling, we'll make sure you get home safely at no extra cost. We only send guests to destinations where it is safe and secure to go on holiday, but should you be asked to return due to lockdown, state of emergency or quarantine, we will help arrange your return as soon as possible. That's our guarantee to you.

How will it work?

Together we will discuss the approach based on the information and the specific situation at your destination. If an immediate return is the best option, we will arrange that. Or is still possible for you to continue with your holiday safely? Nevertheless, we will assist you in any situation and help you enjoy your holiday safely.

To find out more, take a look at this video or view all the terms & conditions here