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Sunweb Terms & Conditions for Repatriation Guarantee

• The repatriation guarantee means that Sunweb will arrange an alternative return flight if you can no longer return with your original flight. Sunweb will not charge any additional costs for the new flight.

• The costs for a longer stay, medical expenses or other extra costs will not be covered by Sunweb. Except when these costs are the result of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances which ensure that the traveller cannot return to the place of departure in time (compensation of max. 3 days).This does not include the costs of a rental car or board basis.  

• You must have booked a package holiday with one of the brands of Sunweb Group GmbH, including a flight to be entitled to our repatriation guarantee. 

• The dates that the repatriation will take place will be communicated via a Sunweb rep or email. 

• The repatriation takes place in consultation. You cannot request a specific time. But we will take your preference into account. 

• You must follow our instructions and those of the (local) authorities. It is possible that the return journey can only take place after some time.

• Ultimately you will have to accept the solution we have put forward; there is limited space for customisation or personal wishes. It may happen that you fly to or from another airport and possibly with another airline. 

• It is possible that a travel group is brought home on different flights. 

• The guarantee does not apply in the event of death. This must be arranged through travel insurance and / or the Ministry and local authorities. 

• It is the responsibility of the guest if he/she misses the repatriation flight. Sunweb will not refund you if you miss your repatriation flight.

• The transfer to the airport is only included if it was included in the original package. 

• The conditions of the guarantee can be adjusted in response to developments in the travel industry. Sunweb has the right to stop and / or change the promotion at any time. Therefore, always check the currently applicable conditions at the time of booking.


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