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Take a look at some of the basics - we have put together all of our most important information for you. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, take a look at our Company Info or Our Policies page(s). If you can't find the answers, please send us an email. 

Lift pass, ski hire, and ski lessons

  • Lift pass
  • Ski kit
  • Ski lessons

Lift pass

One of the things that makes Sunweb unique is the fact that lift passes are always included. 7-10 days before you go, you will receive your travel documents. The collection of lift passes differs per destination so the instructions will be printed on the travel documents. The conditions of the ski lift company in question, will apply. The costs on location are usually higher on destination. The day that your lift pass will start is stated on your invoice and travel documents. The option to change the starting date and the corresponding price can be requested at Sunweb at the latest one week prior to departure. In some cases, it is possible for Sunweb to make changes up to 4 hours before departure if your holiday starts on a Saturday. It is often possible to change the number of days of the lift pass; a surcharge will apply.

You can adjust the number of days in Step 1 of the booking process. Within your package the following lift pass is included:

2-night/3-day holiday including 2-day lift pass
3-night/4-day holiday including 2-day lift pass
4-night/5-day holiday including 3-day lift pass
5-night/6-day holiday including 4-day lift pass
6-night/7-day holiday including 5-day lift pass
7-night/8-day holiday including 6-day lift pass

PLEASE NOTE: it is not possible to change the number of days or upgrade to the extended area on the spot. You will need to book and pay for these additions in  advance. 

Ski hire

You can specify that you would like to include ski hire directly when booking. If you want to add ski material to your booking, you can do this up to 72 hours before departure (if your holiday starts on a Saturday). The following types of material can be booked:

This material is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. This material is particularly agile, so it makes turning and breaking easy. Parallel skiing is also possible with these skis.

This is ideal material for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The material is agile, but also suitable to cut corners sharp. Even at high speeds these skis provide great performance.

These skis and snowboards are made of high quality material, and are perfect for experienced skiers. This comfortable material is suitable on all track types and snow conditions.

These are high performance skis and snowboards with the latest technology, and are suitable for the most experienced skiers.

TIP: Tell our rental partner your exact requirements (e.g. off-piste skiing) so they can help you select the right material.

PLEASE NOTE: A helmet is not included in this package. You can choose to bring your own, or rent one locally if available.

Ski lessons

For a number of destinations you can book ski and snowboard lessons in advance. These prices are often somewhat lower than the prices on location and are therefore only valid with a booking.
The lessons can be in the morning or in the afternoon. You cannot state a preference. For some destinations the times are predetermined. You can find this information on the destination page. More information will be stated on your travel documents.

Sunweb offers these levels:

Beginner: 0-1 year of experience
Intermediate: 2-3 of years experience
Advanced: 4 years of experience or more

For many destinations you can also reserve lessons for children in advance. The age restrictions can be found on the destination page. Where there is no minimum age stated the lessons are usually given from the age of 5. If you want to book lessons for children younger than 5 years old we advise you to organise this on location.

PLEASE NOTE: Sunweb does not offer the option to book private lessons.