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Relax on holiday with our Holiday Guarantee!

Travelling is a bit different than we are used to in these times and we understand that you are looking for certainty! At Sunweb we like to make it easy. That is why we have created a bundle just to put you at ease: the Holiday Guarantee. Book your holiday with complete peace of mind. Feel confident that you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Should something change in your situation or once you arrive at your destination? Don't worry, we'll take care of it!

✔️ Available  24/7 at your destination
Our reps are always ready for you.

✔️  Flexible Exchange Guarantees
Rebook your holiday up until 2 weeks before departure with our Premium Exchange Guarantee.

✔️  Cash Refund
In the unlikely event that your trip is cancelled due to unexpected circumstances, you are guaranteed a cash refund.


✔️ Repatriation Guarantee
Our highest priority is always your safety. We promise to get you home safely. 

Your ideal ski holiday

Your ski holiday with 100% flexibility