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Skiing in Åre

General information

Welcome to Sweden's most challenging and well-known ski area: Åre. There, you will find the largest ski area in all of Scandinavia. This unique, white landscape surrounds the mountain Åreskutan and consists of several subareas: Åre-by, Duved-Tegefjäll, and Åre-Björnen. With over 55 miles of slopes that can reach an altitude of up to 1274m, you can enjoy this winter wonderland all day, every day. With more than 100 descents for different skill levels, you can decide how much of a challenge you’d like.

Take it easy, or challenge yourself

The winters in Sweden are cold due to its northern location, which makes it an ideal destination for your skiing holiday. Skistar Åre is known as a snow-sure mecca for anyone who enjoys an adrenaline rush. From experienced skiers, to freeriders and snowboarders, this area has something for everyone. It is also very accessible for beginners and children. The most popular area for skiing and snowboarding is at Åre-By. There, there are challenging, steep descents and off-piste areas, as well as floodlit slopes to ensure that you can have fun all day and evening. Looking for something more relaxed? Fortunately, Åre-By is connected to Are-Björnen. This section is quieter and has more gentle slopes and practice areas, making it ideal for beginners and children to improve their technique. Another quiet area can be found at Duved-Tegefjäll. The many blue and red slopes available make this area a great base for beginners. It's your turn to try out these special slopes whilst enjoying breath-taking views.

Unique experiences: try a dogsled or snowmobile

If you want to explore the snow-sure Åre in a completely different way, there are plenty of special activities you can try. For example, why not take a snowshoe hike, or an amazing dogsled ride with the huskies? You will be amazed by the surroundings: the nature there is truly beautiful, with countless, snowy pine trees. What an unforgettable experience! Would you rather be behind the wheel yourself? Then take an adventurous trip on a snowmobile. If you're lucky, you might spot reindeer or moose whilst you’re cruising through the snow. These kinds of experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life. The cold and all the new experiences is bound to make you hungry though. Luckily, Åre is a real culinary hotspot. You will find everything there, from places for a quick snack, to restaurants for a delicious evening dinner. Afterwards, you can explore the vibrant nightlife and enjoy your après-ski drink of choice.


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