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Skiing in Vemdalen

General information

The ideal place for every ski enthusiast

In the middle of a wooded area in Vemdalen, Sweden, you will find the picturesque ski resort and village of Vemdalen, between the mountains Sonfjället and Skalsfjället. The idyllic landscape will really make you feel like you're in a fairy-tale, especially in winter. And luckily, those winters are long. Due to the elevation of the ski area and the cold climate, the first snowflakes will fall in November and continue until the end of May. That means a long ski season! And it’s not just the snow you can enjoy, this area also has many hours of sunshine. As a winter sports fan, you know that nothing is better than fresh snow, a clear blue sky, crisp air, and the sun shining on your face. Can you see yourself skiing through the pine trees, enjoying the stunning view over the mountains?

Three ski areas, endless slopes

There is no shortage of beautiful descents in Skistar Vemdalen. The slopes are spread over several mountains and are part of three different ski areas: Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet, and Klövsjö/Storhogna. With over 30 miles of slopes that reach an altitude of 946m, you can have endless fun there. Everyone has been thought of in this ski area. For example, there is a children's zone with gentle slopes, a covered conveyor belt, and a sledding hill designed for kids. Beginners who want to work on their technique are in the right place too, as are the more advanced who prefer the red ski runs. There’s even a snow park and a fun ride.

Dog sledding and bear-spotting in the national park

Besides skiing and snowboarding, the charming village and surroundings of Vemdalen are also home to many other fun activities. For example, you can go cross-country skiing through beautiful forests. How about a romantic snowshoe hike, an exciting ride on a snowmobile, or some dog sledding? Enjoy hiking and spotting wildlife? Once again, Vemdalen is the right place for you: with a bit of luck you can see reindeer, lynx, and even bears in Sonfjället National Park. When you head back home to Vemdalen, you can enjoy one of the excellent restaurants whilst you let all your great new experiences sink in. With so many authentic Scandinavian excursions to try, Vemdalen is the perfect place for an adventurous ski holiday.


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