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Sunweb Ski Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Ski season 2020/2021

By booking a ski holiday with Sunweb before October 31 2020 you benefit from the Ski Guarantee free of charge. If there is not enough snow during your holiday, you can rebook your holiday free of charge.

Terms and Conditions

The Ski Guarantee is valid during peak season

The Ski Guarantee is valid for all reservations made on www.sunweb.co.uk/ski before October 31, 2020, for a holiday between December 19, 2020, and March 20, 2021. Your entire stay must be included in these dates. For example, if your stay is from March 19 to 25 2021, unfortunately, your holiday not covered by the Ski Guarantee.

The Ski Guarantee applies only to high altitude areas

Our Ski Guarantee is applicable highest point of your destination is at a minimum altitude of at least 2000m. We will take into consideration the snowfall of the whole area not just in the resort where your accommodation is listed on www.sunweb.co.uk. For example, if you book at Morzine, we will look at the snowfall of the entire Portes du Soleil area, not just the Morzine resort.

  • The Sunweb Ski Guarantee applies if there are less than one-third of the ski lifts open 4 days before your arrival.
  • If your resort is connected to a ski area in which less than a third of the ski lifts are open, we will find an alternative ski area for you. For example, we could offer you the extended area lift pass allowing you to explore the whole ski area. If this is not possible, the standard Ski Guarantee applies.
  • You should apply no longer than 5 days before your holiday begins, if you booked your holiday before 31 October 2020.
  • The Ski Guarantee does not apply to groups of more than 20 people.
  • The Ski Guarantee does not reimburse your transport costs if you booked a self-drive package (train tickets, etc.)
  • The Ski Guarantee does not apply for any reasons other than a lack of snow. For example, for reasons of technical faults, too much snowfall or too strong wind. In this case, our general conditions apply.

Please note: Sunweb reserves the right to change these conditions.

How to claim your Ski Guarantee?

If you have already booked but would still like to take advantage of Ski Guarantee then you still might be eligible. Read below to find out how to apply.

Step 1

Every situation is different, but if you believe you are eligible you can apply for our Ski Guarantee no longer than 4 days before your holiday begins.
Please watch the snowfall for two consecutive days, this is the best way to be sure you can qualify for the guarantee.

Step 2

Fill out the Ski Guarantee form to create your request. Only requests via this form will be processed. 

Step 3

Sunweb will then check that your reservation complies with the conditions of the Ski Guarantee. For this, Sunweb will contact the ski area concerned directly in order to check the opening rate of the ski lifts.

If the ski area confirms that less than a third of the ski lifts will be closed, then you will benefit from our ski guarantee! We will contact you 3 days before your holiday begins to discuss a plan of action, you will have the choice to either accept or reject our proposal. 

Step 4

If your reservation meets the above conditions, you can rebook your holiday free of charge. Our customer team will contact you to discuss your options. If you prefer you can change your reservation, to a different ski resort and accommodation similar to what you originally was. Or you can choose to modify the reservation date and keep the same accommodation. 

If the price of your new holiday is lower than the price of the original holiday, you will receive a Sunweb voucher for the difference. If the price of your new stay is higher than the price of the original stay, you will have to pay the difference.

In the exceptional case where it is not possible to book another trip (for example if there are not enough ski lifts across many different resorts and there are not enough suitable alternatives available), Sunweb may decide to convert the amount of your holiday already paid into a Sunweb voucher with which you can use to book a new trip later.