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Terms & Conditions for Ski Guarantee

Ski season 2022/2023

By booking a ski holiday with Sunweb before 17 October 2022 (and incl.) that falls between 24 December 2022 - 25 March 2023, you can benefit from the Ski Guarantee completely free of charge. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully to make an informed decision for your next Ski holiday.

Terms and Conditions

The Ski Guarantee is valid even during peak season

The Ski Guarantee is valid for all reservations made on www.sunweb.co.uk/ski before 17 October 2022, for a holiday between 24 December 2022 and 25 March 2023. Your entire stay must be included within these dates. For example, if your stay is from 24 March until 30 March 2023, then unfortunately, your holiday will not be covered by the Ski Guarantee. 

The Ski Guarantee applies only to high altitude areas

Our Ski Guarantee is valid in ski areas where the altitude of the ski area is higher than 2000m. The ski area is the area that your accommodation is linked to on the sunweb.co.uk website. For instance, if you have booked hotel L’etendard de Saint Sorlin in St. Sorlin d’Arves then your ski area is Les Sybelles.

  • The Ski Guarantee applies if less than 1/3 of the lifts by the resort are expected to be open on the day of your arrival.
  • If your resort is linked to several ski areas and 1/3 of the lifts are open in the connected resort, we will find a suitable solution for you. For example, we may upgrade your lift pass for free. If this is not possible, the standard Ski Guarantee will apply.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is only possible for you to apply for your Ski Guarantee 5 days before your departure date. You are not able to apply once you are already on holiday. 
  • The Ski Guarantee does not apply to groups of more than 20 people.
  •  The Ski Guarantee only applies to rebooking into a trip with the same departure date.
  •  It is not possible to change the flight ticket (it is not possible to change to another date/airport/time). Rebooking to a different destination may incur higher transfer costs.
  •  The Ski Guarantee does not apply if the lifts are not open for other reasons such as technical flaws, too much snow, high winds or lifts broken. If this happens, our general conditions will apply.
  •  The ski guarantee does not apply if you booked the holiday after the 17 October 2022. If you booked the holiday on the 17 October 2022, the Ski Guarantee does apply. 

Please note: Sunweb reserves the right to make changes in these conditions.

How to claim your Ski Guarantee?

If you have already booked but would still like to take advantage of Ski Guarantee then you still might be eligible. Read below to find out how to apply.

Step 1

Check the snow conditions online approximately 5-4 days before departure. Please go to www.bergfex.com. This website will show you how many lifts will be open in your resort. If one thirds or less of the lifts are open, then you can apply for the Ski Guarantee. Please look at the next two consecutive days as this is the most accurate way to determine if you qualify. 

For example: Your arrival day is Saturday 24 December 2022. In this case you should act on the situation between 19 and 20 December. Tuesday 20 December at 23:59 in this example is the last possibility that you can request the Sunweb Ski Guarantee. Please note that the various websites that display information about ski areas, often cannot display information as long as the area is closed. In many cases the number of available lifts is shown as 0, but that does not always say something about the situation as of the opening day of the area. Especially in the first week of the season you may encounter this.

Step 2

Fill out the Ski Guarantee form to create your request. Only requests via this form will be processed. 

Step 3

Sunweb will then check that your reservation complies with the conditions of the Ski Guarantee. For this, Sunweb will contact the ski area concerned directly in order to check the opening rate of the ski lifts.

If the ski area confirms that less than a third of the ski lifts will be closed, then you will benefit from our ski guarantee! We will contact you 3 days before your holiday begins to discuss a plan of action. For example: You filled in the form on Tuesday 20 December for a trip with arrival on 24 December, then you will receive a message from Sunweb by Wednesday evening 21 December. 

Step 4a

If your booking meets the conditions above you can rebook your winter sports holiday with Sunweb once free of charge (without cancellation/changeover charge) for a similar accommodation in a comparable ski resort where enough lifts are open.

It is not possible to rebook on a different departure date. Sunweb will advise you of any rebooking options to a comparable ski resort/accommodation. If the new accommodation is of a lower value than your original accommodation, you will receive a Sunweb Ski Guarantee voucher for the excess paid. If the accommodation is more expensive, you will be charged the upgrade fee.

In the exceptional case that it is not possible to book (for example, if there are not enough lifts open or there are not enough suitable alternatives available), Sunweb can decide to convert the travel sum already paid into a Sunweb ski guarantee voucher, which you can use to book a new winter sports trip with Sunweb at a later date (max. 12 months after issuance).

Step 4b

The rebooking must be communicated to Sunweb at least 2 days before the booked arrival date. In the example in Step 3, this means that the rebooking must be submitted on Thursday 22 December.

Please note:

  • If the composition of your travel group changes, the standard ANVR conditions apply.
  • If you make use of the ski guarantee, you accept to receive the ski guarantee voucher
  • If you do not want to change your booking but wish to cancel your trip, our standard cancellation conditions apply.
  • Sunweb reserves the right to terminate the offer, change terms, conditions or information at its sole discretion and without prior notice, without incurring any liability to compensate travellers.
  • Any changes, terminations or modifications to the terms and conditions or content will be announced by Sunweb via the website.