Ski Guarantee

When you book with Sunweb, you are promised a snow-filled break in the Alps

There is nothing more upsetting than having your ski holiday fall apart due to a lack of snow. That’s why at Sunweb we will do everything within our power to move your holiday to a destination with fantastic snow conditions.

Please read our Ski Guarantee Terms & Conditions carefully before making an application.

How do I apply for Ski Guarantee?
You will need to fill in our Ski Guarantee form. Once completed, the form will be sent to our team.

When should I apply for Ski Guarantee?
You should apply approximately 5 days before your departure day.

When will I receive a response to my Ski Guarantee request?
Sunweb will contact you 3 days before your departure day and will begin to discuss a plan of action.

Am I eligible to receive Ski Guarantee?
Please read our Terms & Conditions to see if you are eligible to receive Ski Guarantee.

Benefits of ski guarantee

  • It's free!
  • You are guaranteed a snow-filled ski holiday
  • Valid in over 100 of our destinations
  • If there is no snow, we can rebook your holiday or you may be eligible for a refund. T&Cs apply.

Ski Guarantee is only eligible if:


  • The altitude of your ski area surpasses 2000m
  • Less than 1/3 of the lifts in your ski area are expected to be open on your arrival day

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