Ski Guarantee

No snow? No worries!

We promise you a snow-filled break in the Alps

There is nothing more upsetting than having your ski holiday fall apart due to a lack of snow. That’s why at Sunweb we will do everything within our power to move your holiday to a destination with fantastic snow conditions.

If there isn't enough snow at the resort you are going to, you can re-book or cancel your holiday free of charge. During the Ski Guarantee period, we will update our Reports page.

Please read our Ski Guarantee Terms & Conditions carefully before making an application


  • It's free!
  • You are guaranteed a snow-filled ski holiday
  • Valid in over 100 of our destinations
  • No snow? Re-book or money back. T&Cs.

Ski Guarantee frequently asked questions

If you have already booked but would still like to take advantage of Ski Guarantee then you still might be eligible. Read below to find out how to apply.

How do I apply for Ski Guarantee?

You will need to fill in the Ski Guarantee Form. Once submitted, it will be sent to our Sunweb team who will handle your request.

When should I apply for Ski Guarantee?

You should apply no longer than 5 days before your holiday begins. 


When do I get a response to my request?

We will contact you 3 days before your holiday begins to discuss a plan of action.


Am I eligible for Ski Guarantee?

Every situation is different. Please read our Terms & Conditions and fill in the form if you believe you are eligible. 


Think you are eligible? Submit a Ski Guarantee Form


You can also take a look at our Ski Guarantee Reports page to see the latest conditions in the mountains. 

Terms & conditions

Ski Guarantee is applicable if:

  • The highest point of your destination is at a minimum altitude of at least 2000m
  • If less than 1/3 of the lifts are open 4 days before your departure date

Ski Guarantee does not apply if:

  • Ski Guarantee does not apply to flights that have already been booked for the holiday
  • Ski holidays that have been booked through group travel.
View Terms & Conditions
View Snow Reports 

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