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Sunweb Terms & Conditions of the ABTA protected Refund Credit Note

What is a Refund Credit Note?


Assume that you have booked a package holiday with Sunweb Group GmbH (hereinafter: "Sunweb Group"). As your holiday has been cancelled in light of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances due to the coronavirus, you have now received a Refund Credit Note to book a new holiday with Sunweb Group. If you have booked a self-drive package holiday with Sunweb it is ABTA protected and your Refund Credit Note has been afforded the same protection. If you have booked a flight-inclusive package holiday with Sunweb please click here for further details. 


Who can use this Refund Credit Note?

Refund Credit Notes have been awarded to the lead booker. It should therefore be protected against any unauthorised use. If you detect unauthorised use you must report this to us immediately. If however your original holiday was booked as part of a group and you would know like to redeem your Refund Credit Note separately you can make your booking online using a partial amount of your Refund Credit Note. As soon as the Refund Credit Note has been applied to a booking which has not been made in the lead bookers name we will send them an email at the same time for verification. You will have 14 days to object the usage of the Refund Credit Note.

Which holidays can I book with this Refund Credit Note?


The Refund Credit Note entitles you to book a package holiday offered by any holiday brand within the Sunweb Group. This Refund Credit Note cannot be used to book services at the destination.


When is the Refund Credit Note valid until?


The Refund Credit Note is valid for a booking to any destination with a departure date of your choice. The ABTA-protected Refund Credit Notes have an expiry date that is linked to our financial protection by ABTA. The current coverage protects our Refund Credit Notes until March 31st, 2021. The Note must be redeemed before the expiry date.


What is the Refund Credit Note worth?


The value of this Refund Credit Note will be exactly equal to the total amount already paid for the holiday at the time of cancellation. The Refund Credit Note replaces the right to request a repayment of all amounts paid from Sunweb Group within 14 days. The Refund Credit Note is protected by ABTA. When the new package price is higher than the amount on the Refund Credit Note you will need to cover any additional costs. When the new package price is less than the amount on the Refund Credit Note the remaining balance of thRefund Credit Note will be redeemable for an additional 12 months. 


What if I can't find a suitable holiday?


The exceptional circumstances that we and the entire travel industry have found ourselves in, forced us to make extremely difficult decisions on a global level. For Sunweb, this resulted in the issuing of Refund Credit Notes which are protected by ABTA. By accepting the Refund Credit Note, our valued customers can play an important role in keeping the travel industry afloat in addition to having a holiday to look forward to.


The ABTA-protected Refund Credit Notes have an expiry date that is linked to our financial protection by ABTA. The current coverage protects our Refund Credit Notes until March 31st, 2021. The Note must be redeemed before the expiry date. However, the date of your holiday does not have to fall within this period to be valid. The Refund Credit Notes are valid for a booking to any destination with a departure date of your choice from the available packages. If you are unable to find and book a suitable holiday before the expiry date, you can request a refund from Sunweb. Any cash refund will be transferred by the expiry date.

What if I cannot accept the Refund Credit Note?


Based on the EU Package Travel Directive, customers have the right to request a full cash refund to be paid within 14 days of the cancellation date where a holiday is cancelled as a result of “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances”. However, as organisations are waiting on refunds from their suppliers and do not have the cash to immediately provide these refunds, an alternative solution has been found by offering customers a Refund Credit Note. You do have the right to refuse the Refund Credit Note according to the guidelines set by ABTA. If you do this we will refund you as soon as possible, however, due to the exceptional circumstances the time limit will currently exceed the 14-day window. 


How do I book a new package holiday?


You must book a new holiday on any Sunweb Group website.

1. To redeem your Refund Credit Note you will need the code on your credit note. You can copy this code by clicking the button next to the code. Keep the email address and date of birth of lead booker whom the Refund Credit Note was awarded to, you will need this later.

2. Now you can go ahead and rebook your holiday. 

3. Select your favourite hotel and proceed through you the booking steps.  Remember your Refund Credit Note is not a discount code. So you should not redeem your code in step 2 of the booking process. 
4. Once you have completed your booking you can redeem your code to secure your booking. Please choose the payment option ‘Refund Credit Note’. 

Enter the information you collected at the start and click on "continue". You can now choose to pay using the full amount or just part of it. For example, only use   150 now and save the rest for later.

5. Finally, click "pay" and you will receive confirmation that your voucher has been successfully redeemed.

6. If there is an outstanding balance to be paid on the new booking after the Refund Credit Note has been applied, you will need to pay this in accordance with Sunweb Group normal terms & conditions.

7. If there is still an outstanding value on the Refund Credit Note after booking a new holiday this can be applied to another holiday. 

In the unlikely event that a new booking is also cancelled, and you are entitled to a payment, Sunweb Group will assign the value to a Refund Credit Note. The regular Sunweb Group terms and conditions will apply to your new booking. You must agree to these conditions when making a new booking.


No rights can be derived from printing and/or typing errors. 


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