Refund Credit Notes for self-drive holidays 

Your Refund Credit Note is protected by ABTA

Find out how to redeem your Refund Credit Note  

If you booked a self-drive holiday with Sunweb, it is financially protected by ABTA.

If you have received a Refund Credit Note due to the outbreak of COVID-19, you will be able to use the Refund Credit Note to book a new holiday.

If your original booking was booked on a self-drive basis, it is financially protected by ABTA. You can read more information about the terms here. If your original booking included flights, please view this page for more information about the financial protection afforded to your original holiday and Refund Credit Notes.

The ABTA-protected Refund Credit Notes have an expiry date that is linked to our financial protection by ABTA. The current coverage protects our Refund Credit Notes until March 31st, 2021. 

The Refund Credit Note must be redeemed before the expiry date. However, the date of your holiday does not have to fall within this period to be valid. The Refund Credit Notes are valid for a booking to any destination with a departure date of your choice from the available packages. If you are unable to find and book a suitable holiday before the expiry date, you can request a refund from Sunweb. Any cash refund will be transferred by the expiry date.

Based on the EU Package Travel Directive, customers have the right to request a full cash refund to be paid within 14 days of the cancellation date where a holiday is cancelled as a result of “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances”. However, as organisations are waiting on refunds from their suppliers and do not have the cash to immediately provide these refunds, an alternative solution has been found by offering customers a Refund Credit Note. You do have the right to refuse the Refund Credit Note according to the guidelines set by ABTA. If you do this we will refund you as soon as possible, however, due to the exceptional circumstances the time limit will currently exceed the 14-day window we kindly ask for your understanding.  

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