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Read the terms & conditions for #YesSunweb

We love the pictures you post on Instagram and Facebook with #Sunweb.

That's why we're asking for your permission to share and use your travel photos on our channels.

These channels will mainly include our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram), but may also include other channels such as our own marketing, newsletters, campaigns, and print.

By responding to our request with #YesSunweb, you agree to the following terms:

  • You give Sunweb Group GmbH permission to use and publish all photos you have responded to and thus tagged with #yessunweb on Sunweb's channels and in Sunweb's marketing. This will be at Sunweb's discretion and without any obligations towards you.
  • The permission is a non-exclusive, royalty-free global license, meaning Sunweb does not claim ownership of the photos, and our sister brands in other countries may also use the photos. The photo rights thus remain with you, and the permission does not exclude other agreements.

You confirm and guarantee that:

  • You own and control the rights to the photos.
  • You have permissions from any person appearing in the photos.
  • The use of your photos will not infringe on third-party rights or any law. You are an individual, not a company, and you are at least 18 years old, are of legal age, or have obtained approvals from a parent or guardian.
  • You release Sunweb Group GmbH from any obligation to pay for the use of the photos and the intellectual property rights associated with them.
  • You release Sunweb Group GmbH and all persons acting on behalf of Sunweb from all claims (including third-party claims) and liabilities of any nature that may arise in connection with the use of the photos.

If you have any questions about our trips or the protection of personal data, you can always contact us at

If you wish to withdraw your permission, you must contact us by clicking the 'i' icon in the lower left corner of your shared photo published on our website. You will then see a form where you can submit your request to withdraw your consent.

We look forward to sharing your travel joy and your photos in our community!