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Skiing in Saas-Grund

General information

Saas-Grund is a charming and cozy village situated in the Saas Tal valley. This village is very popular with Dutch people and we understand why! Although the village is located low in the Saas Tal valley, it is at a high altitude by European standards. Due to this high position, the village and the slopes almost always sit in the sun. In Saas-Grund you'll find the highest cable car in Switzerland, which will take you to an altitude of 3100 meters.


Saas-Grund is about 3.5 kilometers from the center of Saas-Fee. Both villages are similar, only Saas-Grund is generally quieter and cheaper than Saas-Fee. The many restaurants that you can find in Saas-Grund offer you the opportunity to taste delicious Swiss specialties like Raclette (cheese dish). For those looking for a quiet and affordable vacation, Saas-Grund is an excellent choice!