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Arosa Lenzerheide

Skiing in Arosa Lenzerheide

General information

Discover one of Switzerland's largest ski areas

In the past, most people visiting Switzerland for a skiing trip stayed in either Arosa or Lenzerheide. Since then, the two ski resorts have been combined into one of the largest skiing areas in Switzerland. That was thanks to the construction of the Urdenbahn; a huge gondola connecting the two mountain peaks of Lenzerheide and Arosa. This gondola is quite unique as it has no support posts in the middle, which is necessary to protect the nature between the two ski areas. The end result is that Arosa Lenzerheide is now a true paradise for both novice and experienced skiing enthusiasts. Choose a skiing holiday in a cosy village like Arosa to enjoy 225 kilometres of snow-sure slopes from December to March.

Endless fun: from night skiing to paragliding

The Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort is located in Graubünden, Switzerland. This resort is a combination of the Arosa (70 km) and Lenzerheide (155 km) ski areas, where you can ski from 1,239 - 2,865 metres elevation. You will find well-maintained blue slopes, red slopes, and even black slopes for more experienced skiers. Once a month, you can even make the descent from De Weisshorn during the full moon; a truly magical experience! But in such a gigantic resort, you can do so much more than just skiing or snowboarding. How about tobogganing, ice skating, paragliding, or cross-country skiing? With more than 150 kilometres of cross-country trails available, you won't run out of things to do!

Ski in Arosa Lenzerheide with the whole family

Arosa Lenzerheide is a great skiing destination for the whole family. Children up to the age of 17 can participate in group lessons for free, there is a specific children's area, and there are several practice slopes available. It may not be the best resort for après-ski-lovers, but when it comes to gastronomy, you're definitely in the right place! There are many excellent bars and restaurants there that should not be missed. Enjoy some delicious cheese fondue at one of the traditional alpine restaurants before unwinding in the spa at your hotel. Soothe your muscles so that you’ll be raring to go on the slopes the next day.

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