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Our guidelines for fair use on social media

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Social Media Rules 

We like to be in contact with our customer via Facebook and other social media channels. There you can share your questions, comments, feedback and new ideas with us. To make this a pleasant experience for everyone, we kindly ask you to observe the following house rules:

1. Treat each other fairly. Threats, name-calling, spiteful behaviour, foul language are unnecessary.
2. Sunweb reserves the right to remove any post or message that we find irrelevant, undesirable or inappropriate. In the event of repeated undesirable behaviour, Sunweb can ban you as a user from our platform(s).
3. Respect each other's opinion and privacy.
4. Sunweb values feedback. We are happy to listen to you and always try to respond. Please keep in mind that even though Sunweb is a company, people work there. Keep any complaints or comments towards our employees appropriate and civilised.
5. Sunweb can update or adjust these house rules at any time.