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Our accommodation classification system

We use our own qualification system to make it easier for you to find your ideal holiday.

With an accumulation of this sign  we indicate what you can expect of the quality of a specific accommodation.

2 stars -  a well kept accommodation with a basic design and limited facilities.
3 stars - a fine accommodation with a better design and good facilities.
4 stars - an excellent and stylish accommodation with a large number of facilities.
5 stars - a very luxurious accommodation with even more facilities.

Besides taking into account the design of the rooms and apartments we also look at the location, the atmosphere in the complex and the valuation provided by our customers when we make our quality assessments. Therefore it can occur that Sunweb provides a different qualification than is officially stated on location. We do not take into account for example, whether or not the complex has a meeting room since this is less important for tourists and worth a star in foreign qualifications.