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Skiing in Auron

General information

Welcome to the Auron ski resort, in the French Alps

With its beautiful mountainous landscape, Auron is the perfect destination for ski and snowboard enthusiasts of all skill levels. This picturesque village is located in the heart of the Southern Alps, with an abundance of snow, sunshine, and facilities.

Discover endless slopes and modern amenities

Auron has an extensive network of well-maintained slopes, suitable for both beginners and experienced ski enthusiasts. With more than 130 kilometres of slopes at altitudes of 1600 - 2450 metres, there is something to suit everyone. The modern ski lifts ensure smooth and efficient access to the peaks, so you can make the most of your precious time in the mountains.

A winter paradise for the whole family

Auron is not only a great destination for skiers and snowboarders, but also for families who want to enjoy some fun in the snow together. Away from the slopes, there are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy, such as snowshoeing, sledding, and ice climbing, making it a versatile and unforgettable holiday destination for all ages.