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Sunweb Exchange Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Your Sunweb ski holiday is 100% flexible. For any reason, up to 6 weeks before departure, you can simply change or rebook your self-drive holiday free of charge. Or at the time of booking, you can choose to upgrade your exchange guarantee and adjust or rebook your holiday up to 2 weeks before departure.

Terms and Conditions

 Rebooking means your holiday can be changed or rebooked without any reason. 


Standard Exchange Guarantee Conditions


  • The standard exchange guarantee can only be applied, at the latest, 6 weeks before your departure. For example, if your check-in date is 19 December, you have until 6 November to change.

  • You can only change your holiday once. If you decide to make a second adjustment Sunweb's normal terms & conditions apply.

Premium Exchange Guarantee Conditions


  • The premium exchange guarantee can only be applied, at the latest, 2 weeks before your departure. For example, if your check-in date is December 15, you have up until  December 1 to change. 

  • You can purchase the premium exchange guarantee (£24 per person) at the time of booking, or within 14 days after you completed your booking via your My Sunweb account. 

  • You can change your holiday twice. If you decide to make a third adjustment Sunweb's normal terms & conditions apply.

General Conditions applicable to Sunweb's Exchange Guarantee


  • You can choose to rebook the same accommodation for a different date or choose another accommodation. Changes can be made depending on availability on our website at the time you process your change. 

  • Our exchange guarantee is not valid on flight packages booked with Sunweb.

  • It is not possible to switch from a self-drive holiday to a flight-inclusive package.  

  • On the day of the rebooking, you will have to pay the current price that shows on our website. If your new booking is more expensive than your original booking, you will have to pay the difference. If your new booking is cheaper than your original booking, we will issue an exchange credit note that is valid for 12 months. This credit note can be used to book extras (luggage, car rental, lessons, ski material), a new holiday. You can ask to refund the money 3 months after issuance. If paid you paid for the original holiday using a Credit Note, the difference will be refunded onto the Credit Note. 

  • These changes can only be completed in the My Sunweb account of the lead booker.

  • An exchange can only be done by selecting a new package (and indicating in the first step of the booking process) that you want to exchange your current booking. If you have multiple bookings, you can choose which booking should be rebooked. 

  • It is not possible to rebook your holiday if the original holiday has already been cancelled (by us) or if an announcement of cancellation has been made.

  • The early booking discounts will expire if the rebooking occurs after the early booking period has passed. 

  • If you decide to cancel the new booking yourself, the regular cancellation costs will apply.

  • If the new booking is cancelled by Sunweb, you will receive the total value back as a Credit Note. In the event of a refund, the amount will be deposited on the exchange credit note. 

  • If you use the Exchange Guarantee, you automatically accept the receipt of the exchange credit note, thereby voiding your right to request a refund of the relevant amount from Sunweb. Refunds will only take place 3 months after the rebooking date.

  • These conditions only apply to bookings with Sunweb Group GmbH ("Sunweb"). Except for explicit and specific deviations in these terms, a new booking will be subject to ABTA's code of conduct, Sunweb's General Terms & Conditions or the Guarantee Scheme and SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reizen).

  • Sunweb reserves the right to suspend the implementation and possibly take legal measures in case of suspicion of improper use of the promotion.

  • Sunweb reserves the right to terminate the offer, to change terms, conditions or information at its own discretion and without prior notice, without Sunweb being obliged in any way to compensate the travellers for damage.
  • Changes, discontinuation, or adjustments to the terms and conditions or the content will be announced by Sunweb via the website. 

  • These terms and conditions are subject to the same law as the law applicable to the new booking.


Exchange credit note - conditions

You will receive the Sunweb Exchange Refund Credit Note because, due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, you have the flexibility to rebook the original holiday that you have booked at Sunweb Group GmbH, without giving a reason. You will only be able to do this exchange once and you will receive an exchange credit note if your new holiday is cheaper than your original holiday. 


The issue date of this credit note is the date of the new booking. With this credit note, you can rebook a new holiday or book extras (luggage, car rental, lessons, ski material). If you cannot find a suitable holiday, you can request a refund 3 months after the issue date. 



The credit note is a unique code that will be sent by e-mail to the lead booker of the original package. The lead booker is the person who made the original booking. Only the lead booker can redeem the credit note. The lead booker is therefore responsible for the code and accountable for any unauthorised usage. If the lead booker discovers unauthorised usage of the credit note, this must be reported to us immediately. The credit note is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to a third party.



The credit note can be used as a means of payment for any holiday offered by Sunweb Group.
The general terms and conditions of Sunweb apply to your newly booked trip. When making the new booking, you are agreeing to our general terms and conditions.
In the unlikely event that your newly booked holiday is also cancelled, by us or by yourself, and you are entitled to a refund, Sunweb will pay this amount in the form of a credit note. You agree to this when making the new booking.


The value of your exchange credit note is equal to the total difference in price between your original holiday and the new cheaper holiday.


No rights can be derived from printing and / or typing errors.



How to apply the Exchange Guarantee and rebook your holiday

Please find a step-by-step below on how to rebook your holiday below. 

1. Log into your My Sunweb account

2. Go to your booking you would like to change or rebook and click the 'exchange my holiday' button. 

3. Here you can choose to rebook your holiday for a different date or travel on the same dates and opt for a different hotel or resort.

4. If you choose to change your holiday you will be able to rebook based on the current availability on our website. Simply select your chosen date and room type, and the price will be displayed automatically.

5. In step 1 select your current booking that you want to exchange and continue with the remaining booking steps. 

6. Once you have completed your new booking, your previous booking will be cancelled. Refresh your My Sunweb page, or reopen it to review the cancellation. The process of rebooking your reservation can take up to approximately 1 hour.

7. You will receive two confirmation emails. The first will confirm your new booking, the second will confirm your previous holiday has been cancelled. These emails can take up to 1 hour to reach you. 

Please note: Your new reservation will appear as if it had been paid for by a credit note. You will receive a confirmation email a few minutes after completing your booking. If the price of your new holiday is lower than the price of the original holiday, you will receive an exchange credit note for the difference in price. If the price of your new holiday is higher than the price of your original holiday, you will have to pay the difference.