Interrupted Holidays

Restart your holiday

Holiday Refund Note for your interrupted holiday

Use your Holiday Refund Note to restart your interrupted holiday

If your holiday was disrupted in light of the unavoidable outbreak of COVID-19, we call this unfortunate situation an "interrupted holiday". 

By now, you have received a Holiday Refund Note from Sunweb that you can use to book a replacement holiday to any destination with a departure date that suits you best. 

You will get the value of the number of days that you missed in the form of a Holiday Refund Note that can be used as a method of payment when you book your replacement holiday. We will need to calculate this total manually, on a booking per booking basis. Therefore this will take us a little bit longer to process and issue to you, we thank you in advance for your patience. 

Accepting this Holiday Refund Note preserves your right to a cash refund by the expiry date which is 12 months after the issue date. You can book any holiday to any destination with a departure date of your choice. View all our currently available packages here. If you are unable to find and book a suitable holiday before the expiry date, you can request a refund from Sunweb. The transfer will occur before the expiry date of your Holiday Refund Note. Click on the button below to read all the conditions.  

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