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Résidence Les Droseras - Domaine de l'Arselle

The Résidence Les Croseras is in Chamrousse 1750, which is surrounded by a beautiful forest. The hotel itself is in the heart of the village and near the lifts. This apartments are fully furnished, well-decorated and can sleep up to 10 people.

The skiing conditions are perfect for children too as there are slopes for all ages. If you come during school holidays, children (3 to 13 years old) are welcome to join the Kids Club. They organize fun adventurous activities to keep the youngers busy and entertained.  The adults are in for a treat too. If you stay here, you can use the wellness facilities at the Arselle, which is a couple of strides from the hotel.

  • Kids club
  • Access to wellness facilities
  • Great location

There are no room types available


Location and surroundings


For an intense skiing experience Chamrousse (1700 m) is the place! This resort is located 30 km east of the city of Grenoble and consists of two modern ski resorts: the cozy Le Recoin 1650 m and 1750 m Roche Beranger These villages are connected by buses and lifts. From the top of the slopes, you have a beautiful panoramic view over Grenoble and the Isère valley. After skiing and snowboarding enjoy the village with its great shops, restaurants and bars. Chamrousse also has an ice rink, swimming pool, sports complex and a nightclub. The coziest bars are within walking distance of the slopes. Because the sun is often present, the terraces are always a great place to enjoy a drink.


  • Cable car to the famous Croix de Chamrousse
  • Panoramic view of Grenoble and the Isère valley
  • Cosy bars and restaurants in the village

Location and surroundings


The Chamrousse ski area has 90 kilometers of runs, with varying levels of difficulty.There is something here for everyone as there is even a snowpark! Thanks to the illuminated pistes, you can even extend your skiing to the evenings! The beautiful, wooded location makes Chamrousse a fantastic choice for a perfect winter holiday. For the cross-country enthusiasts, Chamrousse has 41 kilometers of well-maintained trails. Other than skiing, there is plenty to do too! Such as skating on the ice rink, paragliding and ice diving.


  • Very suitable for families with young children and beginners
  • Two 'Olympic' pistes
  • Snow-sure

Practical information

The capital of France is Paris


France is one hour ahead of the UK (GMT+1).


The official language is French.


The euro (€) is the official currency of France

Emergency number:

The local emergency number is 112.

Service charge (tip) in restaurants and bars :

It is not likely that the service charger will be added to the bill automatically. If you are pleased with the service you can round off or leave a tip of 10%.


The voltage is 220 and the socket is different compared to the general UK sockets. You can buy an European adapter in most airports and supermarkets.


A UK mobile phone should work in France. The setup for this may differ per provider, so it is best to inquire about this before hand.

Safety on the slopes:

In France, wearing a helmet is not mandatory but recommended (especially for children). In ski classes (for all ages), it is often compulsory.

Travel documents:

You must be in possession of a valid passport in order to travel to France.

Food and Drinks:

Cheese, croissants, baguettes and wine! It is possible to drink tap water.

Opening hours:

As a general rule, the shops are open on Monday/Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. However, some shops may close over lunchtime. On Sunday and Monday, a selection of shops are closed. Some supermarkets are open on Sunday mornings.

Public Holidays: 

Christmas Day:  25 December, 2014 (Thursday)

Boxing Day: 26 December, 2014 (Friday)

New Year’s Day:  1 January, 2015 (Thursday)

Good Friday: 3 April, 2015

Easter Sunday: 5 April, 2015

Easter Monday: 6 April, 2015


Travelling by car:
Most motorways in France require you to pay a toll fee. The Pas Piccolo San Bernardo is closed the whole winter (November - June). Always check the locat weather reports before departing.

In some cities and towns it is obligaroty to have a "environmentsl sticker". It is not possible to buy these stickers en route. You will have to order them online before you leave home. French authorities advise you to print out the form and the confirmation of the sticker if it does not arrive at your home in time. You can find the form on:

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Flight information

Flight packages are not available for this destination/resort. Please see the prices for self-drive packages (including lift passes) on the Prices and Booking tab on the yellow menu above.

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Lift pass, lessons and material

In the booking steps it is indicated for which days the lift pass is valid. If you want to use the ski lift on a different day than indicated in the booking process, please contact our contact centre by telephone. It is not possible to change the days of the lift pass once you have arrived at the destination. If you wish to extend the lift pass, it can often be booked as an extra. The price for extending the lift pass can be found in the booking. If you choose “no lift pass”, the discount can also be found in the booking process.


The lift pass for children aged under 5 is free. Children that are aged between 5-17 receive a discount on the lift pass price. The discount can be found in the calculation of the fare. If you are entitled to a free pass, select ‘not ski pass’ when booking. The free pass can be picked up locally by showing your ID.


On site you have to pay a deposit for the ticket.


A passport is not required for a free lift pass.

The above prices are only valid when booking with Sunweb. Locally different rates are used.

Lessons cannot be reserved at time of booking.

Ski and snowboard rental can be specified immediately upon booking.

When you book Gold or Diamond ski equipment you can exchange it once a week for free, for snowboard equipment or freeride skis (unavailable on weekends).

The following material can be booked in step 2 of the booking process:


This material is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. This material is particularly agile, so it makes turning and breaking easy. Parallel skiing is also possible with these skis.


This is ideal material for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The material is agile, but also suitable to cut corners sharp. Even at high speeds these skis provide great performance.


These skis and snowboards are made of high quality material, and are perfect for experienced skiers. This comfortable material is suitable on all track types and snow conditions.


These are high performance skis and snowboards with the latest technology, and are suitable for the most experienced skiers.


 Tell our rental partner your exact requirements (eg off piste skiing) so they can help you select the right material.

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