Summer holiday cruise 2024

Enjoy a cruise in the summer holiday

The summer holiday is the perfect time for a cruise! After all, it is the longest school holiday, giving you plenty of time for a cruise of several weeks. Or combine a cruise of a week with a week's holiday ashore.

Summer holiday UK

The summer holiday in 2024 will be from the 29th July 2024 till the 1st September 2024

Mediterranean Sea cruise | Santorini | Summer holiday 2023

Mediterranean cruise holiday

A Mediterranean cruise is highly recommended for the summer holiday. For example, fly to Barcelona, Mallorca, Genoa, Venice or Rome in just a couple of hours and board a magnificent cruise ship to kick off your Mediterranean adventure.


Exotic cruises destination in the 2024 summer holiday

Being the longest school holiday, the summer holiday is the perfect time for a cruise further away from home. How about an adventurous cruise to Asia or a tropical cruise holiday in the Caribbean?


Cruise holiday in the summer: the perfect time for a longer cruise

Other beautiful regions for a summer holiday cruise:

A cruise is suitable for any holiday

Cruise holidays are a great option all year round. Whether it be to warmer regions such as southern Europe or a tour of the stunning Norwegian Fjords; a cruise does not have to be in the summer holiday. In fact, high season comes with a slightly higher price tag.

Why not consider other periods as well, such as a cruise for Christmas, Easter or a cruise in the autumn holiday. We highly recommend it!

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Check out the current offering of cruises for the 2024 UK summer holiday below. These cruises were selected for their travel dates between 29th July and 1st of September 2024.

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