2025 Easter holiday cruise

Go on a cruise during the Easter holiday

Easter holiday is a great opportunity to escape before the summer. Especially a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea is very popular this time of year. It is nice and warm already, except a bit quieter than in the summer months. That said, distant cruises are perfect for a tropical Easter holiday as well.

Easter holidays UK

Here are the 2025 Easter holidays per UK region:

- England: 7 april 2025 until 20 april 2025

- Scotland: 7 april 2025 until 20 april 2025

- Wales: 14 april 2025 until 25 april 2025

- Northern Ireland: 17 april 2025 until 25 april 2025

Mediterranean cruise for Easter

Sightseeing in Rome, enjoying tapas in Barcelona and relaxing on the endless beaches in Greece; enjoy the ultimate Mediterranean holiday feeling on a Mediterranean Sea cruise. Admire the most beautiful places of southern Europe and be pampered aboard a luxury cruise ship.


Explore the Norwegian Fjords

Scenic views, adventurous excursions and relaxation along the most beautiful destinations. The Easter holiday is the perfect time for a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords!


Easter holiday cruise

Other beautiful Easter holiday destinations include:

Cruises are great for any holiday period

There is no such thing as a bad time for a cruise. Whether it be warmer regions such as southern Europe or a journey along the stunning Norwegian Fjords. Check out our cruise offering during other school holidays, such as a Christmas holiday cruise or a cruise in the autumn holiday. And if you want to experience a longer cruise, a cruise holiday in the summer is the perfect way to do it.

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