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MSC Cruises

This Italian cruise company is all about hospitality and quality time. The spacious ships come with facilities for the entire family and magnificent (Italian) restaurants. MSC Cruises offers fantastic cruises worldwide, but the Mediterranean is a particularly popular destination.

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Discover the Canary Island & Madeira

This winter embark on your perfect gateway with MSC Cruises to their brand new itinerary: the Canary Islands and Madeira!

Witness arresting vistas, volcanic peaks, and enjoy sunshine galore. Explore the vibrant destination of Madeira, with its botanical gardens and thrilling Monte Toboggans.

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MSC Cruises - Sustainability

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MSC Cruises and sustainability

To MSC Cruises, sustainability represents protecting the environment, supporting the people who work or travel with them, as well as the communities and places they visit and do business with.

MSC Cruises' sustainability programme is organised around four important pillars: planet, people, destinations and buying. This translates to a commitment to continuous improvement of the environmental performance of their fleet, caring for all their employees and promoting diversity and inclusion, doing their utmost to keep the impact on coastal communities positive and act responsibly when buying products and services.

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