Greek islands

A magnificent coastline, sunny beaches and plenty of culture and history in every port; a cruise to the Greek islands has everything a holiday could possibly offer.

Greek islands

Cruise holiday to the Greek islands

Whether you like the sun, sea and beach, prefer to head out into nature or just can't get enough of sightseeing, the Greek islands have got you covered! Greece is home to around 6,000 islands that enchant countless holidaymakers with their unique atmosphere and beauty every year. No matter which island you visit, Greek hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere will give you an instant holiday feeling. Relax on a cosy patio after an afternoon of sightseeing and raise your glass of delicious Greek wine to an unforgettable cruise holiday.

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From the white-painted houses on Santorini to the azure bays of Zakynthos and the bustling seaside resorts of Crete, each Greek island has its own charm. Check out the most popular itineraries for a cruise to the Greek islands here.

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