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Autumn holiday cruise 2024

Enjoy a cruise in the autumn holiday

The autumn holiday is a great time for a cheaper getaway, since prices for cruise holidays are considerably lower than in the summer period. This gives you a perfect opportunity for an affordable (last-minute) cruise.

Autumn holidays UK

Depending on where in the United Kingdom you are, the autumn holiday in 2024 will be in a different period. The regions are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Below, you will find the schedule for the 2024 autumn holidays:

- England: 28 October 2024 until 3 November 2024

- Scotland: 14 October 2024 until 20 October 2024

- Wales: 28 October 2024 until 3 November 2024

- Northern Ireland: 28 October 2024 until 3 November 2024

Autumn cruise

Popular autumn cruise destinations:

The perfect time for a cruise holiday

Autumn is a perfect time for a cruise holiday! The Mediterranean summer heat is subsiding and the summer rush has disappeared, allowing you to enjoy your cruise to the max. Cooler temperatures also make sightseeing that much more comfortable. And because many destinations are a lot quieter in the autumn than in the summer, you will have more time to see everything. Perfect for a cruise to Barcelona, a cruise to Rome or a cruise holiday to Venice, for instance.

Come autumn, the Caribbean hurricane season is over and people are anticipating the arrival of the winter cruises. As a result, autumn is a perfect time to find cheap cruise holidays that will take you to the sunny and peaceful beaches of the Caribbean.

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Check out the current offering of cruise holidays in the autumn holiday of 2024 below. These cruises were selected based on their travel dates between 14 October and 3 November 2024.

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