World Cruises

Discover the most beautiful places on earth during a world cruise

A world cruise is packed with unforgettable moments, both on board and ashore! The comfort and convenience of your cruise ship, the extensive offering of activities and entertainment - and all of that in the most beautiful places on earth. A world cruise is a journey that will stay with you forever.

The best cruise lines for a world cruise

Several cruise companies are known for their magnificent world cruises. Check them out and book your cruise holiday, quick and easy with Sunweb!

Why a world cruise makes for the very best travel experience

Adventure of a lifetime
Nothing beats the experience of a world cruise. The good atmosphere among guests, shared experiences all over the globe and the parties on board and ashore make a world cruise into a true adventure. Everyone should experience this at least once.

Exclusive experiences
Come aboard and enjoy special activities during this epic journey. Over 50 international entertainers will keep you occupied with daily cocktail and theme parties, local folklore shows, special officer dinners, cooking classes with the best chefs in the world and so much more.

Fresh tastes and worldly flavours
The super fresh dishes - prepared by celebrity chefs with regional ingredients - are absolutely mouthwatering. In addition to the delicious characteristic dishes that cruise ships are known for, you are treated to flavours and influences from the traditional cuisines of your destinations. Don't just see the most beautiful places, but taste them as well with the most luscious, worldly flavours.

Unforgettable ports of call

Not only will you visit the world's most famous cities, such as Dubai or Sydney, but you also get the opportunity to step ashore smaller ports such as romantic Venice, Ashdod for the Holy Land and Mindelo, Cape Verde.

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Check out the current listings of world cruises below. We made this selection based on the ships and cruise companies currently offering a world cruise holiday of at least 40 nights, taking you to various seas and continents.

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