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Miami (Florida) is one of the most popular ports of departure in the United States. Cruise ships leaving from there travel all across the globe, but the popularity of Miami as a place of departure for cruises mostly stems from the popular tropical destinations nearby.

Cruise holiday from Miami, Florida

If you are travelling to Miami for your cruise already, why not make the best of this trip and discover why so many tourists visit Miami? No trip to Miami is complete without paying a visit to South Beach. The bustling nightlife and stunning beach are must-sees. Be sure to check out Little Havana for excellent Cuban food and hop on the Miami Trolley for easy transportation between attractions.

If you are into art, Miami's Wynwood Arts District is probably the most artistic part of Florida. This district offers four museums, over 50 art galleries, tons of street art and a wealth of studios for you to visit. Last-minute cruises from Miami become a lasting memory thanks to the unique attractions this world-famous city has to offer. A perfect place to kick off your Caribbean cruise.

Attractions for your cruise holiday to Miami

Miami Beach
Art Deco Historic District
Villa Vizcaya
Everglades National Park

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is situated on a barrier island and is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges. It is a mix of quiet neighbourhoods, vibrant nightlife and vast sandy beaches.

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