North America

From trendy cities on the east coast of the United States to the endless beaches on the Pacific Coast; a cruise holiday in North America is an unforgettable experience.

North America Cruise Holiday

North America Cruise Holiday

Waving palm trees, white sandy beaches and an azure blue sea; Hawaii is paradise on earth. And this is just one of many dreamy destinations of your cruise in North America. Your journey will take you from New England and the east coast of the United States all the way to the sunny west coast of the continent. Visit the historic city of Boston where the American Revolution once began and marvel at the bustling atmosphere and modern architecture in New York.

Your journey will also take you to the glitter and glamour of Hollywood and the relaxed surfing culture that is such an inherent part of the sunny beaches of Los Angeles and San Diego. This might be the perfect opportunity to do some surfing of your own in the surf of Venice Beach.

Nature, cultural attractions, beaches... Only a cruise holiday in North America will take you to such a wealth of unforgettable destinations.

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