Honeymoon cruises

Enjoy a romantic cruise holiday

With so much planning involved in your wedding, the last thing you want to do is add more planning for your honeymoon. Combining pampering with travel, cruises are perfectly suited for honeymoons. Your honeymoon cruise is a combination of th cruise destinations you visit and all the luxury facilities and entertainment aboard the ship. After all, cruise ships come with wellness facilities, swimming pools, restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs, butlers and chic bars... and always a magnificent sea view.

The best cruise companies for your honeymoon

All cruise ships make for excellent honeymoons, but some companies do stand out with ships boasting even more luxury. Below, a couple of cruise companies that we feel offer the right mix of relaxation and romance for your honeymoon.

8 reasons why a cruise holiday is perfect for a honeymoon

1. Very little planning

Choose your route, book the cruise and select any excursions you would like to add. This requires little to no research - it is a decision you can take on the spot. For those who have just been planning an entire wedding, this may well be the best feature of a honeymoon cruise.

2. You get to see places you would otherwise never have visited

Smaller ships have better access. Take Peregrine Adventures, for instance, a premium travel brand offering trips to places like the Seychelles, Thailand and Malaysia. Less than 50 passengers per ship get to anchor in front of uninhabited, distant islands and swim in bays inaccessible to large cruise ships - including Anse Source D'Argent on La Dique, one of the best beaches in the world. Naturetours.com is a travel organisation that take adventurers farther into the Amazon than anyone else. Their M/V Tucano is a super sustainable ship boasting solar-powered aircon and locally produced food.

3. One trip, more destinations to explore

If you are easy to get bored or believe that variation is the spice of life, a cruise holiday is just the thing for you. Loads of cruises will offer you a perfect mix of cities and beaches, islands and jungle, mountains and villages. Experience marine life during a snorkelling excursion in the Galapagos with the naturalists of Ecoventura, who also organise kayaking and stand-up paddle trips, or the many delicious local dishes of Vietnam while travelling along the coast to Hongkong. The world is your oyster.

4. An opportunity to get away and leave everything behind

Many cruise ships have Wi-Fi, but it tends to be quite expensive and roaming does not always work in remote places. But honestly, your honeymoon is a time to escape everyday life and spend time with the love of your life. So, keep that phone offline and enjoy the beauty around you - yes, yourselves included!

5. The food is incredible

One of the best aspects of these intimate and luxury cruise companies? The magnificent dining on board; good luck finding a resort with such lavish, varied and flawless dishes! These luxury cruise companies offer extensive menus with wine arrangements, sushi that seems to have been teleported straight from Japan, chef's table experiences in a demo kitchen, excursions to local markets and world-famous guest chefs - some of the perks that put the foodies on these ships in ecstasy.

6. Leave your wallet at home

It is difficult to imagine never having to grab your credit card, learning to understand foreign currency, calculating tips or even seeing prices on the menu, until you step aboard a luxury cruise ship! Almost everything on the ship is included in your trip; your meals, snacks and sometimes even all your beverages. Some cruise ships even offer 24-hour room service or butler service! Next-level relaxation and bliss.

7. Amazing opportunities to experience local culture

Some routes include on-shore stays, so you can spend the night off-ship if you want.

8. Easy does it

How else can you visit six or seven destinations in one trip without hopping from one hotel to the next and exhausting yourself in the process? You can even tailor the trip to your own interests. History buffs love visiting old cities like Rome while fans of architecture are more likely to go on a cruise that takes them to Rotterdam. Others will choose a cruise that passes the most beautiful bays, and stops for a swim, of course. The possibilities for an unforgettable honeymoon are infinite, and endlessly exciting!

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