Transatlantic Cruise

A Transatlantic cruise is a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, usually between North America and Europe. During a Transatlantic cruise, you will spend several consecutive days at sea, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the life on board.

Transatlantic cruise holiday

A Transatlantic cruise is a holiday that features on many a bucket list. The journey traverses two continents and offers a relaxing, refined throwback to the golden age of cruises. A Transatlantic cruise is a popular choice among those who are looking for a relaxing yet stylish and catered holiday. Because a Transatlantic cruise takes longer and only stops at a limited number of ports, the prices of these cruises are often lower. Are you looking for an extremely relaxing and affordable holiday where every little detail is taken care of? A Transatlantic cruise is just the thing for you.

Cruise lines offering Transatlantic cruises

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