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Sunweb Refund Credit Note

Terms & Conditions of the Sunweb Refund Credit Note

What is a Sunweb Refund Credit Note?

You have booked a package holiday with Sunweb Group GmbH (hereinafter: 'Sunweb Group'). Because your holiday was cancelled due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances due to the coronavirus, you will now receive a Sunweb Refund Credit Note to compensate for the 'days not taken'. You can use this Sunweb Refund Credit Note as a discount when booking a new holiday with Sunweb Group. 

Who can use the Sunweb Refund Credit Note?

The Sunweb Refund Credit Note has been awarded to the lead booker and cannot be transferred or traded to another person. The lead booker is the person who made the booking and only the lead booker of the trip can redeem the Sunweb Refund Credit Note. The lead booker can determine who their fellow travellers are.

Which holidays can I book with the Sunweb Refund Credit Note?

The Sunweb Refund Credit Note entitles you to book a package holiday offered by any holiday brands within the Sunweb Group. This Sunweb Refund Credit Note cannot be used to book services at the destination.

When is the Sunweb Refund Credit Note valid until?

For packages with flights included the expiry date is one year after the Sunweb Refund Credit Note issue date. For packages, without flights, the expiry date is in alignment with our ABTA membership until July 31st, 2020, but this will be automatically extended until March 31st, 2021 following our renewal with ABTA. 

How much is the Sunweb Refund Credit Note worth?

The value is equal to the amount that has been confirmed to you for your unused travel days. A Refund Credit Note preserves your right to a cash refund, which can be redeemed at the latest at the expiry date of the note.

How do I redeem my Sunweb Refund Credit Note? 

1. You must book a new holiday on the Sunweb Group website.
2. You must then fill in your details on the dedicated Sunweb Refund Credit Note page of Sunweb Group.
3. We will check your Sunweb Refund Credit Note and apply it to your new booking. You will receive an updated invoice, on which the Sunweb Refund Credit Notechas been deducted from the total package price. Any payment reminders received during this process can be disregarded.

In the unlikely event that a new booking is also cancelled, and you are entitled to a payment, Sunweb Group will assign the value to a Sunweb Refund Credit Note. The regular Sunweb Group terms and conditions will apply to your new booking. You must agree to these conditions when making a new booking.

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