Secret Deals

Extra discounts especially for you!

Secret Deals 

Why not select one of our Secret Deals when you rebook your holiday using your refund credit note?  

If you have been awarded a Refund Credit Note or Holiday Refund Note you will find our exclusive Secret Deals below. The secret deals will only be shown if you have accessed this page via your My Sunweb account. At this time we currently do not have any flight packages available. However, you can still find excellent offers below including your lift pass.


After you have logged into your My Sunweb account go through the menu and select "Secret Deals". Your email address will show once you are logged in. New deals appear regularly, so don't forget to keep an eye on this page to take advantage of these special extra discounts! 


If you can not see any deals below and are in possession of a Refund Credit Note or Holiday Refund Note, please click the button below to log into your My Sunweb account. 

Take a look at these special Secret Deals