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Price Guarantee for Refund Credit Note holders

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Sunweb Terms & Conditions for Price Guarantee

Price guarantee for Refund Credit Note holders

If your holiday was cancelled in light of the unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you will have now received a Refund Credit Note. Using your Refund Credit Note you can book that same holiday for the same price.

We appreciate you wanting to use your Refund Credit Note for your next holiday and thank you for your patience in these extraordinary times. We understand that the cancellation of your previous holiday was extremely disappointing, but we want to make sure you can enjoy that same holiday next year. With our Price Guarantee for Refund Credit Note holders, we will guarantee you that your exact holiday package can be booked for the same price as your previous holiday. 

How to apply our Price Guarantee

  • ✔ Book your new holiday on our website according to the terms & conditions below
  •  Use the form below to submit your old and new booking numbers and include your phone number.
  • ✔ If your new holiday package matches all of the terms & conditions, we will adjust the price of your new holiday.

Terms & Conditions

  • You received a financially protected Refund Credit Note as your holiday was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • The price guarantee is only applicable for an identical holiday package. Meaning that all elements in the package should be the same as the previous holiday package. These elements include (but are not exclusively):
    • Same accommodation and board type

    • Same room type

    • Same duration

    • Arrival & departure on the same date, or a maximum of 7 days earlier or later in 2021*

    • Same departure and arrival airports, if included in your previous booking

    • Same number of persons (incl. children and babies**)

    • Luggage, if included in your previous booking

    • Transfer, if included in your previous booking

    • Same extras including lift pass, ski material and lessons.
  • The price guarantee cannot be used in combination with other promotions for Refund Credit Note holders.
  • To claim the price guarantee, you must book your holiday within 12 months of your previously cancelled holiday.
  • The conditions of the price guarantee are subject to change, depending on the developments in the tourism industry. Therefore, always check the latest conditions before confirming your booking. These are the conditions that apply to your booking.
  • The price guarantee is applicable for bookings with a departure date up to and including 31/12/2021.

* If you were planning to travel in one of the below school holiday weeks in 2020 then, the price guarantee can only be used for the same school holiday week in 2021. If you booked to travel partly or completely outside these weeks, then the price guarantee cannot be used for school holiday weeks in 2021.

Easter holiday 2020 between - 27th March to 19th April

Christmas holiday 2020 between - 19th December - 3rd January 2021

Easter holiday 2021 between - 26th March to 18th April

Christmas holiday 2021 between - 25th December - 9th January 2022

** If you were travelling with a baby in 2020, then according to our website your babies age means they could now be calculated as a child, if this is the case then the difference is paid by the customer.