Extra 10% added to your credit note

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Book your ski holiday using your credit note + 10% extra! 

The value of your credit note has increased by 10% 

Are you ready to book a new holiday for this upcoming winter? If so, we would like to offer you an additional 10% value on your credit note as a thank you for your ongoing patience and support during this extraordinary time. You can already find your extra 10% value in your My Sunweb account. Of course, if you prefer to simply book and restart your holiday again, take advantage of our price guarantee and book the same holiday for the same price.

However, no matter which holiday you choose, or when you decide to book through your Refund Credit Note, you can rest assured that your holiday is fully financially protected by ABTA and SGR. This means that if you are interested in a 
last-minute ski trip this year, you are always waiting and benefiting from a last-minute deal closer to the time.  

Upgrade your ski holiday for free

It is your choice - you can use the extra 10% bonus that has been added to your credit note to add value to your ski holiday! How about some snowboarding lessons for the kids? 

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